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X-Files Stars Are Old, Moany

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You may find it hard to be interested in the new X-Files movie, I Want To Believe, but apparently that's nothing compared with the cast's problems. Given the chance to promote the movie in interviews, it seems as if the two stars would rather complain about how crappy it was making it in the first place.


Talking about the shooting of the movie, David Duchovny is happy to explain how not fun it was:

I did a lot of running for this movie,... You know action is pretty boring to do as an actor. Action and sex are silly because it's all faking. I mean, it's all fake, but those things are faker than the rest. Chris wanted a scene where I chase someone as fast as I can for five minutes. I will be interested to see how it cuts together, but we sure ran our asses off, for like, five or six nights in a row, in the rain. It was pretty stupid and I hated it.


Gillian Anderson is equally ready to complain about the difficulty:

It's been a long time since I've done such a long shoot - I've chosen things between three and six weeks, and this has been the first time for ages that I've done two-and-a-half months. David has a lot of physical stuff to do in the film, and I feel like on the one hand I've gotten off easy and on the other hand I'm still exhausted. I just feel old.

Whatever happened to interviews where the actors sound excited and enthused about whatever it is that they're supposed to be promoting?

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@Calraigh: This is the perfect place for a person to post about being disappointed in the actors from the x-files complainging about their jobs being actors for the x-files. Can you imagine a more perfect place for her to post her opinion than this very exact spot?

I never really got into the x-files, but liked it. I am not really a 'fan-boy" of anything, other than Asimov or Barker, but what I don't like is people in an industry designed for the pleasure and enjoyment of others, who get paid disgusting amounts of money, complaining about their jobs.

It reminds me of the interviews I saw with the stars of Spider Man 3. Everyone of them complained about being in the movie. If you don't want to be there, or have a moral problem with what you are doing, don't cash the check. Know what? They all cash their checks.