X-Files Next For Reboot Treatment?

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Gillian Anderson has been talking about appearing in a third X-Files movie, but does that mean that we should expect more of I Want To Believe's Scully/Mulder love story? Possibly not, if a particular rumor turns out to be true.

Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Anderson's comments to the effect that we can expect a third X-Files movie somewhere around 2012 (Perhaps that's the terrible disaster that will spark the end of the world as promised by Roland Emmerich, countless ancient prophecies and fixed Google searches) are part of a possible reboot of the franchise that's currently being discussed by the powers that be, although they add that "[n]othing is set in stone, all should be taken as rumor until confirmed."

We're not too surprised that an X-Files reboot would be considered, considering the critical drubbing of the last movie and a remake/reboot-happy Hollywood that sees no problem in rebooting Battlestar Galactica less than a year after the last version, but it has to be asked: Doesn't Fringe already do that job pretty nicely? Do we even need any new X-Files anymore?


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That's got nothing to do with Emmerich: within the X-Files mythos itself, in the last episode Mulder found out from the Smoking Man that the alien invasion is set for December 2012.

Basically, the "Syndicate" were the guys who were originally supposed to find out about the aliens....but in the 1970's they decided it was impossible to resist, and officially "surrendered" to them.

The "Alien colonists" apparently evolved on Earth but left in ancient times....this got complicated....but apparently the "Black Oil" *is* the alien, at least in an early stage....what the aliens didn't even tell the Syndicate (but they found out in the movie) is that the aliens *gestate* inside of people, they don't just take them over....they use their bio-mass to grow the adult stage of the alien inside of them, which then bursts out and matures into the familar "Grey Alien" (it's not like Dark Skies where the Greys were slaves to the parasite)

Given that its a "sentient virus" it was theoretically possible to make a vaccine; both the US Syndicate and their Russian counterparts were working on a vaccine...albeit an untested, weak one, but all their hopes were on it; eventually the Russians made the vaccine first, but the US syndicate stole it too, and were eventually able to perfect the vaccine.

But in the meantime, since the 70's, the Syndicate wanted part of humanity to live on, even as slaves, so the aliens agreed to let them undertake Hybridization experiments, that would convert the family members of the Syndicate into human/alien hybrids (not through procreation, gene therapy on live-adults)

Mulder's sister was taken because of this; she became one of their experiments. It's unclear if she ever survived (a later season had a very bad episode where Mulder finds out more about what happened to her, she may have died, but he came to peace with it....with isn't an answer, because other bad guys spoke of her as "alive" and there's a legion of Samantha-clones)

But meanwhile, "out in space" there's a war going on between the Black Oil aliens and the "Faceless Rebels" - other aliens who mutilated themselves by sewing their orificies shut to keep the black oil out. It's not clear who's winning, but in the meantime, Faceless Rebels came to Earth and incinerated every Syndicate base they could find, wiping almost all of them out except for the Smoking Man.

Now the aliens have shifted gears, and are developing "super soldiers" who are nearly impossible to kill (they can survive being decapitated or regenerate from a single surviving vertebra)...the only thing that can kill them is certain kinds of magnetism.

Basically, there's a special kind of "Magnetite" that exists in certain mountains; the last time the aliens came, the Pueblo Indians ran to the hills where there was Magnetite, that's why their cities were built there ("the original Shadow Government")

Basically the US government's plan for surviving the aliens is that all of our HomeSec bases in the Virginia mountains are bunkers built near lodes of magnetite, and they're just going to hide in the hills with no real plan for fighting them.

With the Syndicate gone, the aliens have now shifted to just plain infiltration using their hybridized alien super-soldiers.