X-Files Goes Back To Its Alien Roots

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What was X-Files writer, director and producer Chris Carter thinking with this latest movie? The box-office for I Want To Believe proved that no-one wants to watch hours of pointless character babble. So Carter says he's learned his lesson, and is going back to working with the little green men. Click through for more X-Files 3 details.


In an interview with IGN, Chris Carter explained that:

"We love the alien storyline too, but we felt coming back this time - when a story like this was not only true to the series but allows us to focus on Mulder and Scully more, you don't have to deal with all the complications in the alien storyline. But if there were to be more films - and we're not at all taking it for granted that there will be - but if there were that's something we would definitely want to get back too..."


So...how'd that go Chris? I know people love Mulder and Scully (so do I) but the reason I love them is not as a result of these two sitting down and talking about "their relationship." I don't need to imagine what the X-Files would be like with out the actual X-Files, I was given it in 2, and no thanks. The part that made you love these crazy kids was the suspense and drama. Fox is hot because he's always saving Scully and vice versa - plus they push each others buttons, even when being attacked by an alien spacecraft. It's the relationship after being frozen, beaten and abducted, the parts they piece together in the wake of trauma, that make it a love that will stand the test of time. Take that love out of X-Files and you have a drama about two middle aged nobodies, who are unhappy with everything.

So praise be to Skinner, if they're going to make another, make it about aliens and for martian's sake bring back cancer man.


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Meredith Woerner

@grime: yeah it's a whole clone thing like his sister. I'm kidding that was a typos FTFY