Wynonna Earp Takes Aim in the First Look at Syfy's Modern Fantasy Show

It’s a big morning for rough-and-tumble, take-no-nonsense heroines. The first poster and synopsis of Syfy’s upcoming TV series has arrived, and it turns out that while Jessica Jones may have metaphorical demons to face, the demons Ms. Earp will battle are quite real.

The show, based on the IDW comic of the same name, is about the descendant of the famous Wyatt Earp returning to her hometown and—you know, I’ll let the synopsis do its job:

After years on the run and in juvenile detention, Wynonna Earp is finally coming home. The only problem is no one back home wants her to return. But when she becomes the town’s only hope of eradicating mysterious demons, Wynonna must choose which side of the law she wants to fight on in order to clear the name of her legendary great grandfather Wyatt Earp once and for all.


I’m not exactly sure why Wyatt Earp needs his name cleared—I mean, the historical Earp certainly had some issues, but if the two sides are Earps vs. demons, I feel like most townsfolk would go with the Earps, right? The show debuts with a 13-episode first season in April 2016, so I presume we’ll find out no long thereafter.

[Via Comic Book Resources]

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