We haven’t heard from Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Theodore “Ted” Logan since 1991. But actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have promised their fans a third installment of Bill and Ted — and now the script is finally done!

According to Alex Winter’s Twitter:

@antmaurizio: Bill & Ted 3, less than 6 weeks away and counting? Movie is gonna kick some ass.” > Just got the script. And now to read…


Just three weeks ago, Reeves confirmed that the script was almost done, so looks like things are moving ahead nicely. Rumor has it that Bill & Ted 3 is all about the duo fretting over their future song that is going to “save the world,” if you remember your B&T mythos this is the song that made them basically rock gods in George Carlin’s utopian future. Turns out, they still haven’t penned this infamous song! The fate of the world is in their hands, again! And not surprisingly, there’s supposedly a bit of time travel as well.

Can’t wait to see these guys back in their old crop T-shirts, not to mention seeing the Wild Stallyns actually playing in concert!

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