Is this what David Tennant left Doctor Who for? Word comes that he's joined the remake of ultra-campy vampire movie Fright Night. On the plus side, he's joined by Red Mist/McLovin actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Mintz-Plasse will be playing the psychotic character Evil Ed in the new Fright Night remake, and Tennant is cast as Peter Vincent, the character previously played by Roddy McDowall. But in this remake, Tennant won't be acting as the host of a late night horror show. Instead, Tennant will be a Vegas magician with a supposed strong knowledge of vampires. We can only imagine what kind of Criss Angel horrors this movie will subject Tennant to. Ugh.


The two will be joining Colin Farrell, cast as the head vampire, Anton Yelchin the main character and Toni Collette, who plays Yelchin's mom.

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