Hawks are a kind of bird, yes. But Birdman and Hawkman are not the same character. This seems like something DC Comics should probably know.


Whoever’s in charge of DC Comics’ twitter account just messed up when they sent this tweet promoting the launch of Future Quest—a new series that teams up old-school Hanna-Barbera characters—which refers to Birdman as Hawkman. They both have wings but there are important differences:


  • needs the sun to recharge his powers
  • shoots solar beams
  • talks to one bird

Hawkman (classic Silver Age version)

  • needs Nth metal wings and belt to fly
  • uses ancient weapons to fuck shit up
  • talks to all birds

I’ll have a review of Future Quest coming later today. Spoiler: it’s good. That tweet, however, is not. (At least they didn’t call him Hawkguy...)

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