Earlier this year, a mass shooting claimed the lives of 50 people in Orlando, Florida, in an incident that was both the deadliest shooting and most violent hate crime against LGBT people in American history. Now, people across the comics industry and beyond are coming together for a one-off special issue to remember the tragedy.

Due in December from IDW and DC Comics, Love is Love is a 144-page special comic project organized by writer Marc Andreyoko. The issue will feature over 100 short stories—just one or two pages apiece—celebrating LGBT comics heroes and commemorating the loss of life in Orlando, featuring contributions from the likes of Patton Oswalt, Olivier Coipel, Damon Lindelof, and Phil Jimenez. Some are stories, and some are pinups, like this stunning Batwoman piece by Rafael Albuquerque:


While it’s surprising there aren’t other publishers involved in this project—Marvel’s absence, in particular, is notable—it is a testament to the comics community that it can come together for something as powerful as this.

Love is Love will retail for $10, with all proceeds going to Equality Florida’s fund for victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

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