Write Us Some Six-Word Science Fiction Stories

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Tell me a story, io9, and do it in only six words.

It’s been a long time since we’ve last asked you to share your six-word science fiction tales with us, which only means that you’ve had extra time to make them that much better. Now we want to hear all the extremely short stories about robots, space pirates, moon caves, sentient cacti, and radioactive, animatronic honeybees that you’ve been thinking about.


Perhaps your six-word tale centers on a search engine that’s reached its limit (“Answer it yourself,” Google sighed finally.”—denverhed). Perhaps it’s pulled from the personals of timetravlers.craigslist future archives (“Time Traveler seeks partner; have met.”—purdyjpurdy). Or perhaps it’s something else entirely. I can’t read your mind—only your writing.

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