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Write Us Some Six-Word Science Fiction Stories!

Illustration for article titled Write Us Some Six-Word Science Fiction Stories!

Tell me a story, io9! Something with disaffected robots, time-traveling text messages, search engines that have had enough of your questions, rainy seasons that never seem to come, or whatever else is on your mind—and make it exactly six words long.


Will you hit the Craigslist ads of our space colonization future, like commenter Belabras did in our last round of six word science fiction (“Missed connections: You - Airlock, Me - Decompressing”)? Or perhaps you’ll go with a classic time travel paradox, like commenter Phaton (“Join the Timecops: Save your grandpops!”).

Write your science fiction short (or a couple of them) into the comments now, and then settle in for some reading.


Top image: Africa Studio / shutterstock

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Cubs lost. The loop is broken.