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Write Some Six-Word Science Fiction For Us

Illustration for article titled Write Some Six-Word Science Fiction For Us

Tell me a story, io9—and do it in just six words.

What’s on your mind today? Is it lovelorn time-travelers, attempting to make contact across the distance (“Time Traveler seeks partner; have met.”—purdyjpurdy)? Or the unauthorized—and mysterious—hacking of a Martian rover (“Mars Rover Offline: Unauthorized Firmware Update”—robotmonkeyzombiekiller)? Or maybe it’s some combination of all the above, plus or minus an assortment of robots, perpetual suns, and off-world roadtrips?


Whatever it is, put it into words (but remember, just six of them!). Then tell us your tale and settle in for some reading.

Top image: a6photo / Shutterstock

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