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Wrath of the Titans trailer promises more monsters, more metal, and more hair

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Sam Worthington has grown his hair out into some kind of late 70s/early 80s disaster fluff, Liam Neeson's beard is beardier than ever, and Marilyn Manson is moaning on the soundtrack. What, you need more than that to convince you that Wrath of the Titans is going to be your new monster-based guilty pleasure? Well, there are also giant, burning creatures and Worthington's Perseus zooming around on his badass Pegasus, plus there's some guy with like two torsos and four swords who is getting busy with the humans. Buy yourself a reefer party pack and get ready for burnination.


It's hard to compete with Tarsem Singh's recent Immortals in the campy grandeur department, but Wrath of the Titans - due out March 30, 2012 - isn't really trying. It's going for explodey action over artsy weirdness. We're sad to see Clash of the Titans writing duo Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi had nothing to do with this flick, because their geek humor gave Clash its goofy charm. But I'm guessing this movie will still make us laugh, without even trying to do it.


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John Hazard

"Buy yourself a reefer party pack..."

Yeah, I'm the lone stick in the mud, but #Annalee, why don't you just tell people to download a bootleg of this movie, or mug someone for the money to see it in a theater?

It may be a stupid and unpopular law, but buying pot is against the law in the U.S. And philosophically, is it right to pick and choose which laws we follow and which we ignore?

Yeah, I know. Nobody cares. I'll shut up.