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Wow, this Ice Age horror movie starring Laurence Fishburne looks seriously fun

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Got room for one more movie about people running around the shattered wasteland that's all that remains of our world? Here's The Colony, a new movie starring Laurence Fishburne as the leader of a colony during a new Ice Age.


Are the monsters in this movie Reavers? Mutants? People who've just lost their shit? Hard to tell from the trailer. But it definitely looks like a fun ride. I like that one guy saying: "You're going to need every bullet" just before all Hell breaks loose. No release date, although the trailer mentions April. [Digital Spy]

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I was on board with the whole Cobra Weather Dominator gone wrong thing, until it became 28 days later....Please, don't be that.
I wish it was pissed off Polar Bears, but I bet they won't be.