There's just something magical and mysterious about a staircase that goes around and around, letting you glimpse all the levels above or below. Whether they're perfectly round or other shapes, spiral staircases are beautiful. And Budapest is full of Modernist architecture that includes some stairways to wonder. Here are our favorites.

The Ca'd'Oro (Palazzo Santa Sofia)-like Pichler House, 9 Hercegprímás Street, designed by Ferenc Wieser, built between 1855 and 1857.

(via Lásd Budapestet)

Ybl Palace, 12 Károlyi Mihály Street, designed by Miklós Ybl, 1869

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8 Dalszínház Street, originally built in 1891 from the plans of Samu Freiberer, but the staircase and some reliefs were built in 1905

(via Lásd Budapestet)

11 Krúdy Gyula Street, built around 1900

(via Lásd Budapestet)

2 Sütő Street, 1910-1911

56 Ráday Street, built around 1910

13-15 Kossuth Square, designed by Béla Málnai, 1928

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Georgia House, designed by Ede Novák and Béla Barát, 1935

The Dunapark House, designed by Béla Hofstätter and Ferenc Domány, 1935-1936

17-19 Szerb Street, 1937

12 Petőfi Sandor Street, designed by Gedeon Gerlóczy, 1941-1943

12 Csalogány Street, 1942

(via Városban)

The photos above were taken by the author, except when noted otherwise.