Wouldn't It Be Amazing If Rogue One Was a Lego Movie?

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With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hitting theaters in a mere seven months, it’s certainly too late for Lucasfilm to change the medium by which the film was made. But a Lego version of the movie’s first teaser trailer is so good, you’ve got to think this movie, in Lego, could have been simply incredible.


Here’s the trailer, courtesy of Brotherhood Workshop.

Now this is basically the same trailer we’ve all seen and studied ad nauseam, but the sets and costumes the team behind this have created really make this stand out in a world filled with Lego trailers. None of these characters exist in Lego yet, so they had to go and make them, and they made them perfectly. It really gives this trailer a detail and charm the others haven’t had.

It’s one thing to use a Rey Lego character for a trailer; it’s quite another to create Legos for characters whose names we don’t even know yet.

[Brotherhood Workshop]

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We should do a list of all the movies that would be awesome if they were made in Lego. I’ll start with Bladerunner.