Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Admit it: when you watch a zombie movie, you shout at the screen, telling the hapless survivors what they should and shouldn't be doing. But if all the decisions were in your hands, would you really survive the hoards of undead? Interactive movie The Outbreak tests your horror move mettle by putting you in the midst of a zombie flick and letting your choices determine whether you live or wind up zombie chow.Created by husband and wife design team Chris and Lynn Lund, The Outbreak puts you in a seemingly abandoned house with four other survivors while the zombies are quickly closing in. At the end of each "chapter," you are asked to make a decision that will affect your ultimate survival: Do you save the injured guy or blow his brains out? Do you stay in the house or try to drive toward salvation? Only one sequence of choices will guarantee your survival, but if you die, you can use the chapter select menu to revise any of your earlier decisions. Zombie-filled trailer below:

The Outbreak [via Metafilter]

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They should have put in some funny options like "Hit On Girl" or "Pretend to Be a Zombie."

Even if the choice is ridiculous, it would have broken up the viewing a bit. The choices don't always have to be "do or die."