Would This Building Make You Want to Eat Bugs?

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As you already know, we're going to have to start eating bugs if we want to avoid mass starvation in the near future. But how do people from non-bug-eating cultures get over the ick factor? Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter has come up with a plan so bizarre it just might work.


Their idea is to fill Swedish city Stockholm with several of these glowing, donut-shaped buildings called "Buzz Buildings." Each one would be a beautiful greenhouse, full of lovely flowers that attract many insects — including bees, butterflies, and more. But you wouldn't be eating these endangered insects. Instead, you would eat freshly-harvested insects from the Buzz Building's cricket farm.


Then, in the basement, there would be a bug restaurant. You'd experience the lovely ambience of cricket chirps, see how nice their habitats are, and then snarf down a giant, fried cricket taco. Or baked cricket casserole. Or some kind of spicy cricket pastry. Hey, it's no weirder than having a seafood restaurant next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (yes, this is an actual thing that exists).

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It's not like I want to visit a farm and a slaughterhouse before eating a steak. . . and I'm more than happy NOT to have my foods be complete and largely intact animals.

Give me bug-derived food that's so heavily processed that I can't recognize where it came from and I'll give it a shot (like a good bit of what we eat now). Until then I'll leave eating things that still have legs attached to others.