Would "The Matrix" Have Been Better As A 1930s Musical?

This semi-funny parody of The Matrix picks up on something serious, which is that the Matrix flicks were heavily-inspired by 1930s iconography. I do love the 30s-style trailer, showing the dance sequence. Compare it with a real 30s trailer!

Here's the trailer for Busby Berkeley musical classic Gold Diggers of 1933.


And let's compare the two iconic dance sequences from these two flicks. Here's "We're In the Money," one of my very favorite musical numbers from Great Depression-era musicals. It's just completely psychotic and wonderful.


And here's the completely psychotic dance party from The Matrix Reloaded.

Which makes you feel more like dancing the apocalypse away?

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Benny Gesserit

By very definition, anything is better as a musical.

I have to admit, "The Matrix" should be up-tempo and could have used more 80's/90's R/B divas. Maybe a subtle recast with Patti LaBelle as Oracle, Deborah Cox as Trinity, that sort of thing.

The Thunderpussy remix of the CD will make a MINT on the dance circuit.