Would John Cena Fill The Sunglasses Of Roddy Piper?

They Live may be getting a modern day remake. Commenters suggested TV wrestler-turned-actor John Cena should redo "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's amazing five-minute fight - so we asked him if he would.


We cornered Mr. Cena at the premiere of The Day The Earth Stood Still and grilled him about vying for the part of Nada.

We heard that they may be remaking They Live staring Rowdy Roddy Piper and we were wondering if you would be interested in filling the role of Nada? You would be a perfect fit!


There is no way that I could recreate that fight scene in They Live, what did that last for 26 days? There is just no way I could do it?

But if you did who would you want to fight for 5 whole minutes...?

The only way I would want to be in that movie is to be able to say, "I came here to do two things, kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm almost [sic] out of gum." I think that is one of the classic all time lines. I certainly think Rowdy did an awesome job in that movie. If they're remaking it, their work is cut out for them. That's like remaking Back To School, Revenge Of The Nerds or Smokey And The Bandit, you just can't do it.

So if they offered the role would you take it?

Cena: Hell no I wouldn't do it. I couldn't hold a candle to Roddy Piper in that movie.


And then his pants lit on fire. Come on, Cena — you'd be perfect for this role, and you know you need a hard core scifi film to solidify your presence as an actor. While I agree with his conviction that it shouldn't be remade (and honestly that makes me like him a whole lot more than before, very respectful), but I bet if they offered it, he'd strongly reconsider for the free sunglasses alone.

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I'm glad he has respect for Piper. Really, those are some good answers he gave.