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Worst Batman Will Star In Eco-Monster Movie

Illustration for article titled Worst Batman Will Star In Eco-Monster Movie

Val Kilmer is going to Vancouver to shoot an eco-thriller, The Thaw. The story follows a group of students that discover an ancient parasite frozen inside a prehistoric wooly mammoth. The parasite comes back to life as the mammoth is thawed out, threatening the students and possibly spreading across the world. Actress Martha McIsaac (Superbad) will play Kilmer's daughter. More details on the parasitic monster after the jump.


Director Mark Lewis tells Dread Central that the parasitic monster was inspired by bed bugs and how vulnerable we all really are to Mother Nature. Although this an eco-thriller Lewis warns it won't get preachy at all.

Lewis also shares a little detail about the hairless monsters and how much CGI will be used.

Fortunately the aforementioned parasite doesn't have any hair, and we've partnered with a terrific VFX company. The tests have been amazing. I've never seen anything like it. It's going to be very creepy to say the least.


Shooting is starting this spring, I look forward to the mammoth thawing, but can it possibly be as great as the alien-possessed undead mammoth from the Sci Fi Channel movie? [The Province and Dread Central]

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Meredith Woerner

@All_Thumbs: Yes I can agree with that. But I truly hated him as Batman. Val Kilmer was amazing in Kiss Kiss, Tombstone and Entourage. But a terrible Batman, I couldn't understand a word he said.