Who doesn't want to see a Donnie Darko sequel? Especially if it features the guy from One Tree Hill acting like a homeless person, along with that Gossip Girl fella? Oh, right. Everyone.

In all fairness, it does seem like the main character is the original actress, Daveigh Chase, who played the sparkle-motion sis to Donnie (and, also a little sidenotey, was that creepy girl that crawled out of the well in The Ring), while the other two CW actors just act smarmy and "homeless crazy" around her.


S. Darko will be released onto DVD April 28th and follows the little sis and her friend Bebop Brownhair or something (I'm not bothering to look it up) on their merry way to the big city to get "discovered." On their scantily-clad road trip the two encounter visions, Ed Westwick's crotch on a bike, and space meteor problems, which detour said journey. Oh and one of them dresses up like a mermaid and another mis-uses the wormhole FX.


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