Kansas City's 17-story water slide (the tallest in the world) opened up its pipes for a few human test runs, then immediately closed as the riders were LAUNCHED INTO THE AIR. Updated with new information.


We've been following the creation of the Verrückt for sometime now. It's the water slide so big, it has its own trailer. And now Schlitterbahn Park (home of the Verrückt) has finally allowed people to test this beast, only to close it down immediately. Why? Because the water slide threw some guests into the air. The Inquisitr is reporting that "test riders reportedly went airborne at the bottom of the slide." The slide was supposed to open this Memorial Day weekend, but has obviously been delayed to fix the whole projecting riders into the air thing. Brings back memories of Action Park.

UPDATE: The Kansas City Star (which is legit) is reporting that the test rider rumors are all false. A spokesperson for the park has released this statement to the paper, "I can absolutely say that no test riders have gone airborne on the slide, because no test riders have gone down the slide." Apparently only sandbags and accelerometers have been used to test. Not sure what to make of this, smells like a marketing ploy... But one thing is for certain. I'm not going anywhere near this slide.

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