It's no Action Park — but this 17-story water slide is so freaking dangerous-looking it makes our asses hurt just glancing at it. Behold the majesty that is The Verrückt Meg-A-Blaster.


It's allegedly the tallest water slide in the world, and the Kansas City water park Schlitterbahn is hoping to open this monstrosity on May 23rd.

How does the death trap work? Simple, four person rafts will plummet down the slide and over a five story hill that the slide is attached to. So no bare ass to wet plastic — but it still sounds as though it would melt the first layer of your ass off. Or at least purple your hide pretty good.

Here's a trailer for the water park. I dunno: Kind of want to go, kind of want to run away. Thoughts?


[via Kansas City Star]

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