Rumors are churning that the Wachowski Brothers are itching to make a movie based on the adventures of Plastic Man, starring their favorite Hollywood hero Keanu Reeves. Am I the only one confused by this match up? Plastic Man was practically the definition of body humor, and slapstick comedy isn't really in Reeves' wheelhouse. I actually can't think of the last time Reeves made anyone laugh on purpose. This is a terrible match. We've got a list of who we think would actually do a good job playing the bendy superhero.

CHUD is reporting that the Plastic Man script has been done for years. This superhero movie is pretty unbelievable but I don't want it to get made just so I can see some Hollywood hot shot don the bathing suit bottom, lace-up front costume of Plastic Man.


Jason Segel


Why He's Perfect To Fight The Clam: This man knows how to use his body for comedy, he's practically buck naked throughout most of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and it's hilarious.

Why He May Not Be Flexible Enough: This isn't a Segel flaw so much as a Seth Rogen problem. With Rogen making the Green Hornet movie, Segel may be tempted to go in a Rogen direction, I urge him not to.

Alan Tudyk:


Why He's Perfect To Fight The Clam: Tudyk is a wonderful blend of humor and honesty, a perfect combination for a superhero. He totally sells any character he steps into, be it the pilot of Serenity of a gay rehabbing body builder. Tudyk would make you believe the Clam was real, and a force to be feared, but then deliver some quality one-liners.

Why He May Not Be Flexible Enough: How bendy is he really? He may need to take up pilates.

Glenn Howerton


Why He's Perfect To Fight The Clam: Hilarious member of the It's Always Sunny gang. Glenn will sell even the most unbelievable laugh-at-yourself script, which makes him perfect for plastic.

Why He May Not Be Flexible Enough: He may be too unknown to star in a big superhero movie.