"World's Largest Vertical Maze" Adorns Dubai Office Tower

Illustration for article titled "World's Largest Vertical Maze" Adorns Dubai Office Tower

You did it, you crazy-looking building, you! Dubai's 55-story, aptly-named "Maze Tower" just got the nod from the Guinness folks that it's officially the largest vertical maze in the world.


According to the press release, the exterior is composed of natural stone and, as you can see in the image, there are LED lights (which can flash different colors and patterns) built into the maze itself, which is formed from the mixed-use building's balconies. The puzzles, which are real, were designed by Adrian Fisher, "the world's leading maze designer." That little circle up top is "the Maze Eye," a circular video wall "which has the ability to beam images to great distances."


There is also a purpose built tranquil garden floor strategically situated in the middle of the building and a roof top maze patterned garden above the standalone car park.

Eat your heart out, Las Vegas.

Via Curbed.

Image via Guinness World Records.


Aww a little disappointed the entire tower wasn't a maze. Each floor a maze of rooms you have to navigate to get to the stairs. Some stairs going to a level that doesn't have stairs going up so you have to backtrack and find the stairs that skip that level. Maybe a level where you have to do something agility, strength, balance testy or there is a gap in the floor and you fall down to a mat on floor below and you have to find your way back up.