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World's Greatest Wedding Photo NOW WITH STAR WARS

Illustration for article titled Worlds Greatest Wedding Photo NOW WITH emSTAR WARS/em

Last month, we showed you what is arguably the very best wedding photo taken in the history of the world. Today, a new group of clever kids getting hitched have challenged that photo's status and raised the bar, with Star Wars. Behold.


The image was taken by Little Blue Lemon photography. Here's the rundown:

There was a shot floating around the internet last week of a bridal party being chased by a dinosaur. It’s funny, admittedly. So here’ s our take on the idea…mostly because Leslie (and us) are huge Star Wars nerds! We couldn’t resist their bridal party getting chased by a squad of Imperial AT-AT Walkers! lol. So for all you Star Wars fans, this ones for you.


Your move, Doctor Who weddings. Thanks for the tip, Nug Nahrgang!

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Oh this is just awesome. I have one coming up in August, and I am trying so hard to convince the missus to let us do this.

What will we run from though? Daleks? Cybermen? White Walkers? Hodor?