World's Fastest Camera Catches An Electron In Motion

Here's the world's first video of an electron in motion, showing how an electron rides on a light wave after having just been pulled away from an atom. Electrons move so fast, it's almost impossible to generate a short enough burst of light to be able to see them move. But a new camera generates "attosecond pulses." (An attosecond is to a regular second as a second is to the age of the universe, says the MARS blog.) The next step: Film an electron colliding with an atom. [Attosecond Physics and High-Order Harmonic Generation]


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@aarchiba: You lost me. I didn't think Electrons "existed" in the first place. I thought they were energy packet (quanta) approximations to explain the physical world. But, here is a video of the "event horizon" of the electron. So, is the Electron really in the center? Or is the wave simply manifesting from nothing (like some kind of weird quantum thread behavior)?