World's biggest Twilight back tattoo

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Twilight super fan Cathy Ward used Stephenie Meyer's books and movies as a reward system for losing weight. After she dropped 14 dress sizes, she rewarded herself even further with this gigantic Twilight back tatt. And she's not done yet.

After saving £2,000, and spending 22 hours in the tattoo chair, this is what Ward walked out of the tattoo parlor with. One epic Twilight tatt. And Ward is currently saving another £2,000 so she can get her torso covered with Cullens.

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How did I know it was going to be a middle-aged/old woman that got this done?

I love tattoos. I'd get a dozen if I could (I don't have any yet), but getting an actor's face tattooed on is just ridiculous. I understand the need to express one's love for a book/movie/character but this is just really sad. Forget that it's even Twilight, whenever I see these kinds of tattoos for anything (Star Wars/Star Trek/LOTR/etc).