World War Z's zombie rampage set video will make your hair stand up

How will the movie adaptation of Max Brooks World War Z differ from the hoards of undead films before it? How about break dancing zombies? Watch as an infected man twitches into undead death from the WWZ set!


Someone managed to capture this insane zombie attack while WWZ was filming in Glasglow. What have we learned from this footage? One, the zombies are fast. Two, they're angry. Three, the victim's zombie change-over rate from bite to full member of the undead appears to be very fast, and quite violent. So, Brooks loyalists. Are you not entertained? Or is this movie still zombie blasphemy?

[via FilmDrunk]


James Whitbrook

Well, that was kinda insane. And petrifying. It'd be interesting to see a zombie virus where the transformation was an actual, painful physical process with all the spasms (sort of like the 'zombies' in Resident Evil 4 and 5) - but as a fan of the book? Not really impressed.

As mentioned by others, in the book there is a drawn out incubation point between infection and death/undeath - the virus spreads worldwide so quickly because of Infected organs being transported all over the world and then being used in operations, infected people unwittingly carrying the virus as they flee countries and what not. And those scenes of border control where dogs are used to sniff out infected people attempting to move out of countries... that can't happen if it's bite-spasm-zombie in about 20 seconds flat!