World War Z's Super Bowl trailer makes no mention of zombies

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The Super Bowl spot for Brad Pitt's World War Z trailer is out, and we're not sure what the casual observer is supposed to make out of this hyper-cut crazy. It feels like Pitt is starring in some sort of termite-human pile National Treasure spinoff. Was that the Constitution? At what point are they going to start marketing this thing as a ZOMBIE movie? Give us bloody mouths hungry for human flesh with putrid black bile streaming out of their orifices. Hell, it worked for Walking Dead.


World War Z hits theaters on June 21st.

[via Apple Trailers]

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SaabLife, because Gripen

So I get that it's most likely going to be a generic zombie with too much CGI, but did they basically give Max Brooks a dump truck of money to get the name of his fairly popular book and endorsement?

Can't imagine that he would see this movie and be proud of the connection it has to his book (he seemed to be pretty dead set against running zombies in both books, can't imagine he would be cool with a liquid zombie blob). Of course I could be wrong and it could be good...doubtful though.