World War Z Sequel Has A Surprising New Writer (And Now We're Interested In It)

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World War Z had a troubled production, but since it’s release, there have been efforts on a sequel film. Now, the movie has a new writer that gives us some hope that it might actually be good: Dennis Kelly, creator of the UK show Utopia.


Earlier this year, we learned that any new movie would be a ‘clean slate’. Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Dennis Kelly is picking up from Steven Knight’s (Burnt, Seventh Son) draft. The move comes as Paramount works to keep its director, J.A. Bayona attached to the production.

Kelly is the creator of one of our favorite television shows, Utopia, which in no small part makes us actually interested in World War Z again.

World War Z 2 is slated to be released into theaters on June 9th, 2017.

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I’m going to use a sentence that I’ve never used before, and rarely condone when used by others.

I want to see a re-boot.

The first movie was virtually unrecognisable as deriving from the book, and was so bland that I have almost no memory at all of having watched it. There really needs to be a re-boot that takes place in the interviews+flashbacks mode of the book that focusses on creating the very memorable and rich characters and locations in the story.

This’d be a great opportunity for a series of actors & actresses to really sink their teeth (so to speak :P) into their roles. I think that this’d be a great movie for an ensemble-cast to have some strong, challenging acting-exercises and individual performances within an arc.