World War Z featurette refuses to mention "undead" or "zombies"

Sometimes we have to wonder if the folks making World War Z even like zombies. We know that's why Brad Pitt wanted to make this film. And yet, even this new trailer seems like they're ashamed of their giant CG ant mounds of zombies.


Which... okay, we can see why — but goodness, people — if you're going to turn an oral history into an action shit show, embrace it! We know we did.

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Besides obviously money, what exactly is the point of this movie? Why take the license of World War Z if they are only going to take away all the things that made the book different from your average zombie fare, and turn into another generic action movie? Couldn't they have just called this something else? Also, what is up with the "zombies"? I can deal with fast infected every now and again, but these things look like people lathered themselves in butter and tried to act like seals or something.