World War Z could start shooting next month!

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Sounds like Brad Pitt's movie adaptation of Max Brooks' oral history zombie novel World War Z had a last minute infusion of cash. The production has just hired Cinematographer Robert Richardson (Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds). This is great news.


Bleeding Cool is reporting that Richardson has been hired as DP on World War Z, which means we might be getting some exceptionally gorgeous battle scenes (if you go by his past work). Not only that, the movie is now in pre-production, which means some way, somehow, Paramount found an outside investor to help with this film's walloping $125 million budget. BC predicts that cameras could roll as soon as next month, maybe even earlier.

Hot damn, this is great news. And hopefully every time director Marc Forster gets the inkling to return to his shaky-cam ways from Quantum of Solace, he can use Richardson's steady eye instead.


Fan made poster via Movie Cultists.

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I'm wary of it. I mean WWZ was epic because it was written from multiple perspectives and made into a cohesive whole.

How do you write the entire war from beginning to end into one movie? A TV series I can understand, but a movie?