There's a great interview with World War Z author Max Brooks in the student newspaper of UNC Asheville, where Brooks is going to be giving a talk and teaching a creative writing class. Brooks talks about how he wrote his Zombie Survival Guide for fun, and never intended to publish it, and how he spent years and years rewriting World War Z and doing research to test his theories about a global zombie outbreak. And he talks about growing up dyslexic, and how he learned a lot from science fiction:

I read and read and read science fiction. That's how I taught myself and that's all you need. Guess what, there are also really great science fiction writers who have a lot to say about our society. If you can't learn it yourself, books are out there, just read them and be influenced as I did.


And he has some advice on surviving the coming zombie apocalypse — including don't believe the media's misrepresentations of zombies. He also says that Asheville may have trouble when the zombies come: there are too many hippies, who just aren't conducive to zombie survival. [The Blue Banner]

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