A new kind of group psychology is emerging — guild psychology, which is much more concerned with fights over dragons skins than dealing with abandonment issues. Your fellow warriors and monster-smashers can feel supported and validated without using "I" statements. An expert in guild psychology says the groups should have quality time together on a night "when people can convene to get their gear enchanted, their gems cut, their swords made." She adds:

Creating a guild bazaar of sorts will not only make the players feel supported, it will also ensure that the group is decked out as best as they can be to face whatever challenges you have set for them, be it instances or raids. Remember to resist the urge to schedule every minute of available play time; giving guild members time to do what they wish will keep them from getting 'overworked' guild-wise.


Also, I recommend owning your anger, and not accusing the Tauren of being hostile all the time. That's just your projection, OK? The Tauren can't take responsibility for your feelings.

Guild drama [via WOW Insider]