Zombies, aliens and Erik Estrada invade this week’s DVDs

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There’s quite a mixed bag of movies and TV series this week, but now all I can think about is Zombies Vs. Aliens Vs. Erik Estrada. Come on, Syfy, make that original TV movie happen. You know you want to.


Warm Bodies

The romantic zombie comedy, or rom-zom-com, based on Isaac Marion’s novel and starring Beast from X-Men: First Class. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, but with more dead people, somehow.

Falling Skies: The Complete Second Season

TNT’s scifi series moves away from being “Walking Dead but with aliens” and establishes its own identity in its surprisingly excellent sophomore season.

Adventure Time: The Complete Second Season


The best kids show on TV and the best cartoon that isn’t named Archer or The Venture Bros. gets another complete season set, thank goodness. Contains all 26 season 2 episodes, each with a commentary track.

Escape from Planet Earth


A CG-animated children’s movie that so mediocre it’s almost exceptional.

Mad Max Trilogy


On Blu-ray, if you’re looking for the movies in a three-pack.

The Shadow


Ah, that brief period after Tim Burton’s first Batman movie when Hollywood thought people would watch movies on any comic character and not just superheroes. That said, The Shadow is still pretty solid. You could certainly do worse.

Appleseed XIII: Complete Series


The CG anime TV series based on the CG anime movies, based on the original manga by Ghost in the Shell’s Masamune Shirow. It’s not as good-looking as the movies and not as good period as GitS, but… I don’t know where I was going with that.

Creature from the Black Lagoon


The classic aquatic horror film comes to an individual Blu-ray containing both 2D and 3D versions

The Lone Ranger: Collector’s Edition


28 DVDs and all 221 episodes of the classic Western TV series, contained in a collector’s coffee table book that comes complete with a replica comic. I guarantee at no point does anyone in this series have a dead bird on their head.



The Ring’s big bad upgrades from VHS to smartphones and TVs in this Japanese horror movie.

Chupacabra Vs. the Alamo

‘Nuff said. Wait — starring Erik Estrada. Now ‘nuff said.



Working at a video rental store I find it funny how sometimes my boss would order 2 or more copies of a movie almost no one rented, but just one people always requested. Warm Bodies seems like a 1 copy movie, would love if he ordered the Mad Max BluRays. Just so I could watch The Road Warrior in glorious HD for free.