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Work-Safe Trailer For The X-Rated Hunger Games Parody, The Humper Games

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I don't know what's more surprising: That it took this long to get a Hunger Games porn parody, or that the spoof includes jokes about the debate over whether Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale. Plus Jennifer's Lawrence's real-life nudes getting leaked online. See for yourself, in the trailer for The Humper Games.


This is from Lee Roy Myers and friends, the same peeps who brought you Doctor Whore, Game of Bones, and The Knobbit. Just like with those, The Humper Games will be going online for free at tomorrow. This time around, they seem to be going for a more Airplane/Naked Gun style of random jokes and sight gags referencing tons of stuff in pop culture and media, including a last-minute Star Wars: The Force Awakens gag. That's how you know we're living in the future — J.J. Abrams released his trailer last Friday, and there's already porn referencing it on Monday.

So if you want to see the NSFW parts of The Humper Games, presumably including a lot more puns ("Are you, are you, coming... to the tree?") head over to tomorrow.


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I approve of the marginally creative title, at least. Better than what most of them have been coming up with lately.