Woolly Mammoth alive and caught on tape (maybe)

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Even though it's still impossible to clone a Woolly Mammoth we may not need to — because a Woolly Mammoth has been spotted and captured on tape in Siberia. Behold the undeniable proof that the Mammoth lives — or that bears love to fish. You be the judge!

The Sun is reporting that this footage taken last summer in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia, is in fact the blurry video of a Mammoth in a river:

This bastion of journalistic reliability also claims to have hair samples from this creatures, which match recent "samples recovered from mammoth remains regularly dug up from the permafrost in frozen Russia." So clearly, there is a Mammoth alive in Siberia. Only one thing left to do now, let's hunt it down and ship it to New York for a Broadway show!


The top image of Lyuba the 40,000 year old frozen baby Mammoth from National Geographic is by the photographer Francis Latreille. While Lyuba has absolutely nothing to do with this video or report, it is still absolutely adorable!

[via The Daily What]


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Ugg the Caveman

Ugg hope true.

Ugg need something to remind him of the good ol' days, mammoth perfect. While Ugg appreciate that TV try appeal to Ugg by showing me shows with sub-par intelligent creatures, Ugg can't stand Jersey Shore.