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If negotiations go as planned, Daniel Clowes (Ghost World) will write the script for the big-screen adaption of his graphic novel Wilson, with Woody Harrelson playing the cranky title character and Laura Dern as his ex-wife.


The Hollywood Reporter, which notes the film is scheduled to begin filming next month in Minneapolis, summarizes the plot thusly:

Clowes’ story told of a middle-aged misanthrope (Harrelson) who seeks out his ex-wife (Dern), a scarred drug abuser, after the death of his father. When he learns of a teenaged daughter, born after his divorce, he tries to force them all to join him in his last gasping stab at a family.


The New York Times review of the graphic novel, which came out in 2010, offers a little more insight into the character, and suggests that Harrelson’s casting is pretty damn on point:

He is a rich mix of states and traits: lonely, alienated, obsessed with his dog and the mistakes of his past, unjustifiably smug, genuinely funny, nettlesome, under­handed, empathetic and always all too human.

Craig Johnson, who made last year’s acerbic family drama The Skeleton Twins, is slated to direct; Alexander Payne and Sam Raimi are among Wilson’s list of producers.

Top image: cover art from Wilson by Daniel Clowes.


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