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Woody Harleson To Become 2009's Hancock

Illustration for article titled Woody Harleson To Become 2009s Hancock

As the success of superhero movies continues, so does the appeal of movie studios to attempt to break into the genre without the help of comic book publishers. How else to explain the news that Woody Harrelson has signed on to play "a regular guy who believes he has a secret superheroic identity" in upcoming movie Defendor?Defendor - only the second superhero movie ever to be named after an anti-vandalism product following 1995 flop FAAC 615 Hydraulic Barrier Gate Operator - will be written and directed by Peter Stebbings, who has some experience with the genre, having acted in an episode of short-lived 2003 X-Men rip-off Mutant X. Gray's Anatomy's Sandra Oh will also appear in the film, as Harrelson's psychiatrist, alongside currently-hip actor Kat Dennings, who'll play a teenager who befriends Harrelson's character. From what little we know of the project, I'm expecting something more along the lines of Unbreakable meets I Am Sam than another My Super Ex-Girlfriend, but I've been optimistically wrong before. Kat Dennings negotiating to play 'Defendor' [Hollywood Reporter]


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