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Won't Somebody Please Adopt the Ecto-1?

Illustration for article titled Wont Somebody Please Adopt the Ecto-1?

Two years ago, a kindly fan in Tennessee rescued this Ecto-1 car, a Caddy decked out as the Ghostbuster-mobile that was used for years in a Universal Studios ride. He's kept it in pristine shape, but now he just can't keep it around. So he put it on eBay. For just $27,000, you could adopt this excellent automobile with a venerable history — as long as you're willing to ship it from Tennessee. There are tons of great pictures on the eBay page. [Ecto-1 via eBay] Thanks, Randy!


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The reserve on this car is actually $45K.

And you guys are thinking merely in terms of automotive value.

A car like this has its provenance as being one of only 3 official cars. there were 2 Sony picture cars and this car made by Universal.

When you consider that a BARRIS REPLICA had recently sold for $150K.. this is the best deal yet.

You really have to factor in the value that this car has intrinsically. hundreds of thousands of people have had their picture taken with this very car over the years. Cars with an official history are worth more than the sum of their parts. just look at all those old race cars that sell for a couple hundred thousand or more.. are they really worth that much in the metal?