Wonderella is the superhero you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy

If Wonder Woman were crabby, selfish, and generally bad at her job, she'd be Wonderella, the boozy "heroine" of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. She has mommy issues, tells dick jokes galore, rap battles Jesus Christ, and occasionally saves the day.

The conceit behind Justin Pierce's The Non-Adventures of Wonderella is simple: Dana Prince is the daughter of the original Wonderella, and now she's taken up the mantle of Wonderella. But where the original Wonderella was a Golden Age class act, the sort of superhero villains are honored to face in battle, the new Wonderella is, well, Wonderella. With her airheaded sidekick Wonderita, Wonderella fights crime and ignorance and stuff.


Yeah, not exactly the team you want standing between humanity and global destruction. Fortunately, her villains aren't exactly the brightest death rays in the lab, and sometimes Wonderella's thoughtless honesty is just what the situation calls for. On the other hand, sometimes she lets the whole world explode.


But that rap battle with Jesus? Kind of awesome.


[The Non-Adventures of Wonderella]

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