Wonder Woman's New Uniform Is Badass! Kind of Ugly, But Badass.

Wonder Woman has gone through many, many costume changes in the day, but this new one might her most drastic fashion transformation yet. Debuting in June's Wonder Woman #41, behold the new outfit DC's goddess of war will be wearing this summer.

Hitflix had the exclusive reveal:


So! On the plus side, Wonder Woman is finally wearing more than a one-piece bathing suit into battle! She's not displaying any cleavage, and her thighs aren't unnecessarily bare! Yay!

On the not-so-plus side... it's actually kind of ugly. The gold and white trim is a bit much, and the giant, floating shoulder armor and massive gauntlet spikes are about as '90s as you can get without actually covering her in pouches. I love the idea of Wonder Woman wearing an outfit not based solely around sex appeal, but I have to give it an "E" for Effort and not Execution.

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