Wonder Woman's New Comic Will Explore Her Amazonian Origins

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Recently, DC axed its wonderful digital-first Wonder Woman series Sensation Comics. Now, it’s going to try and fill the Diana-shaped hole in our hearts, with a new series that focuses on the earliest period of Diana’s superheroic career.


The Legends of Wonder Woman, by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, will follow Diana’s beginnings as Wonder Woman—but will predominantly focus on her life as a young woman growing up on the Amazon’s home island, Themiscyra, cut off from the outside world. The comic will be much like the series it replaces, appearing digitally first exclusively before heading to print in collections. However, unlike Sensation Comics, Legends already has a set end date: the series will last just 9 issues.

De Liz is best known for her work with Womanthology, an anthology series featuring female protagonists written by female creatives, so the thought of her working on Wonder Woman, is an absolute delight. But man, it doesn’t quite take the sting out of losing Sensation Comics at the end of the year. At least there’ll be more Wonder Woman stories taking its place.


The Legends of Wonder Woman begins in November, with the physical copies hitting shelves in January 2016.

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And for those worried that this will be about the New 52 Wonder Woman, Renae De Liz actually made a comment about that on CBR and provided a correction to the CBR article:

Based off her Original Origins. :) The entire book highlights many core aspects of classic WW, while also taking things in a new direction. Thanks for posting about it, CBR!

EDIT: Noticed that the original DC source doesn’t note that the DIGITAL comes out in November 2015, the physical book in January 2016, and the trade sometime later on.