Wonder Woman's lasso is perfect for these Wild West Justice League illustrations

We've already fallen for Denis Medri's rockabilly Batman cast, and now he's turned his powers of redesign upon the Justice League, bringing them out to the Old West. Wonder Woman's look translates nicely to a Western style, but what about the rest?


Medri is obviously having fun with these redesigns; in addition to his '50s greaser and Western designs, he's also outfitted Spider-Man and his foes in steampunk attire. The Wild West outfits seem to work especially well. Instead of underwear on the outside, Superman gets chaps forming a similar outline, with his insignia displayed on his kerchief. The Green Lantern looks rather dashing in that long coat, and Wonder Woman's lassoing skills would come in handy.

Head over to Medri's deviantART page for Western version of Batman, the Flash, and Green Arrow. These images do beg the question: Would Batman use guns if he lived in the Old West? Or would those guns shoot something less lethal than bullets?

Denis Medri Super Heroes [via Xombie Dirge]


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