Wonder Woman To Become Kick-Ass Audrey Hepburn

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Warner Bros executives looking for the right take on Wonder Woman may want to pay attention to master artist Adam Hughes' upcoming All-Star Wonder Woman series. He promises to give the character an updated origin that'll offer romance, action ... and fewer villains than you might expect.

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Although Hughes - whose work has appeared on the covers of Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Star Wars comics - is currently unable to draw thanks to a hand injury, he's using his downtime to continue to write his WW reboot:

It's her origin story... To me, Steve Trevor plays an incredibly huge part in the story. He's essential to the story. Diana is this princess from this foreign country. And Steve Trevor, to me, is the Marlboro Man. He's this iconic American test pilot. I would watch a whole movie just about their relationship. It's sort of like ‘Roman Holiday.' It's people from two different worlds, who don't have a lot in common. The romance and the gentle comedy come from the fact that they are two extremely disparate personalities but they get along so amazingly. And they understand each other more than anybody from their own world understands them. I couldn't tell the story without Steve.

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And how does Hughes understand Steve's understanding of Wonder Woman, you may ask?

The thing that grabs me about her is what would compel a person to leave a perfect place and come to a flawed place. Paradise Island, there is nothing wrong there. They have no crime. They have no war. All they have is art and beauty and everything that is great in life. Why would she want to come to man's world? Is she a missionary? Does she want to go to the deepest, darkest corners of the world and preach the gospel to the heathens? Does she just have insatiable curiosity? Does she want to just see what's over the next hill? That's the hook for me.

Whatever is over the next hill, it's definitely not a supervillain, according to the creator:

There is no villain in the story. Don't worry. There is tons of action. I have written myself into a horrible corner because there are levels of action that Bryan Hitch and Michael Bay would say, ‘Adam, calm down. Why don't you tone it down a little bit?' But there isn't an actual supervillain in the story that is the focus of the conflict.


An action-packed romance based around a complex heroine without someone for the audience to root against? On second thought, Hollywood would never go for that. The series is aimed at a 2009 launch. Hughes Says All-Star Wonder Woman Coming Soon [Comic Book Resources]

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I thought the George Perez run on WW was one of the best runs of storytelling and art I'd ever seen. Gail Simone's stories have also been first-class.

Like a lot of fanboys, I'll probably buy this series for the art. The story, probably not so much. Hughes is unknown to me as a writer, so I'll reserve judgment.