Eager to shake things up for Wonder Woman, DC Comics and writer Gail Simone has come up with an unexpected new route for the character: renouncing her heritage, religion and embracing her superherodom. Oh, and becoming a cagefighter. Really.

Simone spoke during today's DC panel here at San Diego Comic-Con about where she's planning to take Diana following the conclusion of the controversial Rise Of The Olympian storyline: She's teaming up with former Bird Of Prey Black Canary to go undercover as cagefighters for two issues, starting with this Wednesday's Wonder Woman #34. Following that, there'll be an even more extreme change in the new storyline Warkiller:

Wonder Woman is going to renounce the gods and declare that she is no longer an Amazon. We're going to see her as more of a superhero than she's been in quite some time.


Don't think this means that the series will lose its Amazonian edge with this change, however; Simone also teased that Themyscira, the home island of the Amazons, is about to find itself with a new ruler: Ares, the god of war. Not that everything will go to plan:

They're not too happy about that. They're not going to make everything easy for him.


Cagefights, out and proud superheroics and warrior women making gods' lives misery - How can you resist? Warkiller begins in September's #36.