Wonder Woman Movie May Be Happening After All?

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File under "Rumors we're unconvinced by, but hopeful about"; IESB is claiming that the permanently on-again, off-again Wonder Woman movie is back on... and may be rushed into production sooner than we'd think.


IESB's anonymous sources - hence our lack of convinction about whether these rumors have any weight to them - say that the new movement on the movie is down to a "regime change" within Silver Pictures, the production company that owns the project; new president Andrew Rona is said to be spearheading the idea of the movie to an already-superhero-friendly Warners, who're looking to follow up next year's Green Lantern sooner rather than later. According to IESB, Warners have been taking pitches for an all-new script over the last few weeks.

While we're happy if this turns out to be true, we can't help but wonder (no pun, etc.) whether new people in charge at Silver could mean that Joss Whedon's by-now-legendary script may be looked upon more favorably nowadays... Maybe Lynda Carter will turn out to be more of a visionary than even she knew.


Live Action Wonder Woman Picking Up Speed [IESB]

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If we're going for WW possibilities I'd like to see Olivia Munn (from Attack of the show on G4tv) thrown into the candidate pool. She certainly has the physical qualities.