Wonder Woman: More Supermodel Than Superhero?

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  • The new Wonder Woman could be a supermodel whose acting experience mostly consists of playing herself in Italian films. Megan Gale also served as a "fashion commentator" for the Logies, Australia's charmingly named TV awards show. It's all part of director George Miller's scheme to pack Justice League with Australians. Another Ozzie rumored to be in the running to play a superhero: Gabriel star Andy Whitfield. [Moviehole]
  • The new Star Trek movie will reference so many obscure story points from the franchise's past that most viewers will be lost, judging from a leaked outline.

The rumored storyline will pay homage to so many classic episodes (plus Wrath of Khan) that you might as well just watch a clip reel instead. [IESB]

  • A prequel to Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes is said to be in the pipeline. We can only hope it'll trace the evolution of Helena Bonham Carter's awesome ape fashion sense. [Quiet Earth]

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