Rumor has it that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be rocking pants and jacket in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's a look that could work, but it's hardly the only one. After all, there are tons of fan-made Wonder Woman costume designs that could be spectacular onscreen.

None of these costumes are official Wonder Woman designs, although many have been created by professional cartoonists. If this doesn't sate your desire for new and exciting Wonder Woman looks, check out Project: Rooftrop, which is an absolute treasure trove of Diana redesigns.


Joe Quinones, who is currently working on Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell with Paul Dini, took top prize in a Project: Rooftop Wonder Woman redesign contest with this piece, which sticks to a relatively simple (but stylishly cut) leotard, then pairs it with beautifully ornate armor:

Dresden Codak cartoonist Aaron Diaz went ahead and rebooted the entire Justice League, creating both new backstories and new designs for each character. He envisions Diana as a living marble statue, but even aside from that, her outfit is lovely. Granted, she's a bit less star-spangled than usual, but the toga-style garment works, as does the nod to her Amazonian heritage in baring the left breast.

Allen Holt went even farther in removing the American flag aspect of Wonder Woman's costume, but makes up for it by focusing on the Greek warrior aspect of her character—particularly with the leather skirt.

X-Men and X-Force artist Kris Anka has actually designed a statue of Wonder Woman in one of her official costumes, but he has also put his own spin on Wonder Woman and some of the other ladies of DC Comics. He explains that his vision for Wonder Woman here was more as a wrestler than a knight, and this costume certainly looks ready for movement.

Rory Phillips takes his Wonder Woman inspiration from warriors of Scythia, and added a few tweaks to Diana's traditional accoutrements. Most notably, he trades her lasso for a meteor hammer and gives her a ceremonial mask—not to protect her identity, but to wear into battle. He also sells prints of his Wonder Woman portrait.

When we were talking about the problems of many hypersexualized female superhero costumes, Colin Alexander shared his take on Wonder Woman, inspired by the Captain Marvel full-bodysuit redesign. It's a bit heavy on the W motif, but it's also a sleeker, more modern look for the warrior princess.

Denis Medri's Western Wonder Woman is more appropriate for a time-traveling Justice League than a modern one, but it integrates Diana's visual motifs so well. No black hat would be safe from that lasso twirl.

Sometimes it's hard to picture how a superhero costume will translate into live-action, but that's not a problem with this outfit, designed by Hermes Terceiro, worn by Sarah Scott, and photographed by Adam Jay. It also comes in a leather jacket and pants variety, which actually works quite well off the page.

Mara and Agreeable Comics cartoonist Ming Doyle comes up with a Wonder Woman design that might be more appropriate for a Diana successor than Diana herself. But it still has a wonderfully regal quality to it.

Carly Monardo (one of the creators of the giggle-inducing Strong Female Characters) does a neat job blending Americana and classical influence in her Wonder Woman design. We get a nice pairing of the armored breastplate with a skirt that allows for free and easy movement.

Oliver Nome gives us a Wonder Woman whose bodysuit is a bit less swimsuit. He explains that he was actually working for Jim Lee at DC Comics when he came up with the idea for this design.

Albert Hulm goes scifi with his Wonder Woman outfit, but with a little tweaking, it could certainly work for an Earth-bound Amazon.

Joel Priddy opts for a simple and elegant leotard design with the Grecian sandals. He strips her down to a basic red and gold color scheme, but allows for the blue in a more formal cover-up.

Rahzzah's armored Wonder Woman redesign is one of our all-time favorites—and proof that pants can look fan-freaking-tastic with the classic red and blue. This Wonder Woman is ready for anything.